My name is Sunil C. Patel - aka the "Student Loan Millionaire" - and I was the first person in the world's history to use a University Student Loan to become a self-made millionaire. From student loan to 50 Million Pounds of Assets!

Sunil C. Patel is a Property Investor in the U.K, Dubai, Spain & India. Mr. Patel is also CEO of Integrity Events Limited, which had a record-breaking 1000 people attend its launch event. Sunil's Late Grandfather fought alongside Mahatma Gandhi as a Freedom Fighter for India. In addition, Sunil is an international motivational speaker, coach, and runs his own international event named "Maximum Potential" - at this event, Sunil teaches his Debt, Sales & Tax Mastery course, which took him 23 years of experience to create. To date, Sunil has created 10 millionaires with his knowledge.



  • Sunil dropped out of college after his business teacher revealed that he himself had never run a business in his life!

  • Sunil developed alcohol, drug, and gambling habits over the course of two years after leaving college.

  • In 1997 Sunil won the battle against these addictions and stopped his addictions permanently to support his suffering family by becoming an entrepreneur.

  • Nobody would lend him the money he needed to start a business so in desperation he decided to enroll in Ealing University, London in order to get a £4000 student loan.

  • He dropped out of university and used his student loan as a deposit to buy a council flat in a rough area. He also purchased books on self-made millionaires to educate himself as he had felt let down by his teachers throughout life.

  • He worked hard day and night and within 12 years became a self-made millionaire. (The student loan was paid back in full with interest!). *Sunil was persistent, patient & powerful in his pursuit of success and literally created 50 Million Pounds of Assets starting from only his student loan & loans from friends!

  • Sunil rose to prominence in the early 2000s.

  • Sunil has vigorously studied and is a master in the fields of debt, sales and tax & sees himself as a soldier in the field of business and life.

  • Sunil will be launching his first book "Student Loan Millionaire" soon.

  • Sunil created Integrity Events Limited because he was sick of the stage course-selling millionaires taking advantage of entrepreneurs.

  • Sunil has spoken on stages alongside the likes of Les Brown and Eric Thomas and is very passionate about Motivating and Inspiring the world through his public speaking.

  • Sunil's goal is to create the No.1 Entrepreneur Training Company in the World.

My promise is a heart of good intentions. Never Give Up.

Keep Strong.


Mr. Sunil C. Patel, CEO






Gary Vee in London 2021